"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings."

- Tom & David Kelley (IDEO)


What we believe.

Design is a strategic advantage.

In our high touch, visual culture, your customers demand an elegant, intuitive experience. In fact, the marketplace demands it.  Experience design recognizes that the customer is the co-producer of your brand and service. The experience of your product and service – how it looks, behaves, is structured – has a direct impact on your operational and support costs.

At Alchemize, we help build greater value into your offering by optimizing the exchange between you and your customer.


We Value Simple.

Working with us isn't complicated. Here's what to expect. All engagements generally follow a similar path.

Initial Call

All potential projects begin with an phone call to assess at a high-level:

  1. What you currently do.
  2. What you think you need.
  3. What you intend to solve or build.
  4. When you need to start.

Based on this introductory appraisal and our agreement to move forward, Alchemize constructs an engagement letter.

Statement of Work

Based on the initial call, we will recommend the proper program tailored to your needs.

Our SOW covers exactly what we will provide and what is required to work with us.

For instance, at Alchemize, we only take on one project at a time. We don't have resources spread across multiple projects. The nature of our programs require deep immersion without distraction. 

We also require the client to be fully engaged. Our short programs are only effective when we have your undiluted attention.


Because our programs run from 2-4 weeks, we require a deposit with the signed SOW to begin initial planning. This allows us to get travel in place, book the necessary time and secure any needed resources before it all kicks off. 

Our programs provide in-person work sessions at least twice over the course of the engagement. We will run exclusive, highly focused workshops at your location to collaborate on the opportunity and prioritize the variables.

Daily conference calls and remote, online meetings are built into the schedule.

Terms & Conditions

All client engagements formally begin with the execution of a services contract that specifically outlines the duration of the contract as well as the expected services provided (negotiated up front).  Alchemize Group is represented by BOLD Legal.


Creating possible futures – at speed.