Design is a tool that allows us to either create new markets or disrupt existing ones.

- Yves Behar


The Team


Alchemize is founded by Charles Erdman, a design industry veteran who has successfully helped clients transform unshaped ideas into fully realized products for two decades. Clients include Adobe, Charles Schwab, Comcast Business, Disney, Dole, GlobalXplorer, Infiniti, Lucas Film, Microsoft and others. Charles was formerly co-founder of music platform, TunesMap.

Sara Chojnacki

Sara Christine Chojnacki is a dynamic innovator and customer advocate with two decades of product design and user experience expertise. She has worked with companies of all sizes and across multiple industries, including Nestle, Dole, Sony, Allergan, Mercer Marketplace, and CO-OP Financial Services. Sara is also the Co-Founder of Act Like X; a company focused on workshops and workbooks that improve performance through innovation.


Creating possible futures – at speed.